About the Guide

We are funded entirely by a start-up non-profit called BIAS. The Guide's purpose is to shine a light on the amazing music scene in London, and provide a platform for emerging artists.

Let’s face it, the music industry is in crisis & live music across the UK is on life-support. The purpose of The Guide is to show people all of the incredible stuff that’s happening across the city, from open-mics to showcase gigs, you’ll read some some of London’s best here.

Behind The Guide (and BIAS) is James; the founder and owner of BIAS (he’s the “B” in BIAS). James’ background is rooted in music; graduating with a BSc in Music Technology, and leading several choirs around London.

The Writing Team

Andy has been a musician since he was 6; playing his first gig at 14. With over 10 years experience on the festival circuit, he’s played with acts such as Johnny Cage & The Voodoogroove, Blackelvis & Carmen Costa. Andy has performed all over the UK & Europe and on BBC2, and even once ended up performing on the West End due to an injury crisis! Andy’s love is with rock music – enjoying the pleasure and excitement that a big, thick wall of interesting sound can give you – for him, there is no greater joy!

Felicity Henry is a singer-songwriter/producer/writer based in London. She has a wealth of knowledge in a variety of genres, having grown up in the classical music sphere playing clarinet and saxophone, to managing her own all-female indie-rock band. She is passionate about supporting independent artists, especially those who face further barriers breaking into the industry.

The Guide's Values

We wrote these as founding principals in how The Guide should behave. You can hold us to them, and can be assured in the knowledge that we incorporate them into everything we do.


We’re building The Guide in a world of obscurity, gatekeeping and confidence in businesses at its lowest point. We believe it’s better to over-communicate, and talk about what we get wrong and right- this helps build trust; creates and promotes authenticity.


Ultimately, The Guide lives or dies on whether we act with integrity and honesty. If we see something that we know could be better, we should say it. Our writers are here to give a truthful, say-that-shit-with-your-chest opinion.

Don't be
too serious

Send a gif or tell a joke – love what you do, and be yourself whilst doing it. Even though we’re doing hard work, and the road is long; find ways to make it enjoyable. We’re shaking up the industry, and that is a thing to celebrate.

Inclusion is

We’re standing up for musicians. Standing up for people means using your voice and influence for those who need it most. Stand up for the LGBTQIA community, show up for BAME people, stop Asian hate. Be part of the change you want to see, and make a tangible difference.

P.S. You'll notice these are very similar to BIAS' values; that's intentional - there are variations to account for the different area that The Guide operates in.